Terms & Conditions


Misti.com.bd is an online shopping platform open to all. At this shop you are welcome to browse, choose and order our products (displayed and advertised).


You have easy access to our site. Please access and use our site. On this site you will get the placing orders of our products (displayed and advertised). Now, decide whether you will be our honorable customer and will comply with our terms and conditions. To do so please follow the following:

(a) Complete your registration following our instructions and

(b) Choose and order our products using our site.


If you want to be our customer and purchase our product(s), you are requested to complete your registration through our site first. After registration, your customer account will be opened. Customer account is non-transferable. As it is your own account, you can update, edit, modify and even deactivate it at any time.

You need not open more than one account. And of course, you must use only one account for one delivery address

If you want to use your workplace email address for your account or to access our site, you must ensure that you comply with our rules, policies and protocols that apply to the use of your both email and workplace address.

N.B.: Registration is not mandatory to purchase our product(s). You can purchase our product(s) direct by corresponding over phone.

Ordering   Product(s)

You can order our product(s) by choosing our product(s) and then submitting your order to us through the site.

Your order for product(s) is regarded as an offer by you to purchase the ordered product(s) for the fixed price as displayed (including delivery and courier charges).

Our staff will ask you to provide additional details (if needed) or phone you to confirm your details in order to process the order. You must provide us with current, complete and valid details.

Cancellation of Order

We reserve the right to accept or reject or cancel your order for any reason and at any time. Generally the following reasons cause the rejection or cancellation of an order:

  • If the requested or ordered product is not available;
  • If there is an error in the price;
  • If there is an error in your order;
  • If your order or address is incomplete or invalid.

We also reserve the right to cancel or suspend or reject a user account for reasonable or unavoidable cause(s). Every unverified order will be kept for 24 (twenty-four) hours to be verified. If no response is got from the customer in time, the order will be cancelled.

Delivery of Product(s)

We will deliver the ordered product(s) only to the valid address given by you.  You will get detail information on our site about our delivery timing and procedure.

As our customer, you yourself will receive your ordered product(s). In case of your absence or your inability to receive the product(s), your representative can receive the product(s) providing us with due proof of his or her identity.

Refund Policy

If you pre-pay (bKash/rocket/nogod) against your order, but if your ordered product(s) is/are not available in our stock, we will offer you product(s) replacement options within the same price range. If you refuse to take product replacements, the order will be cancelled. In such case(s), please make your refund request by calling our Customer Service within 12 hours.

Misti.com.bd retains full right over the refund payment policy and procedure. The refund process will take approximately 3 (three) working days.

Policy Regarding Promotional Product(s)

You are acknowledged that the delivery of a promotional product or a special product or a special offer or a special package is entirely subjected to the stock availability of the aforesaid ones. If the aforesaid product(s) is/are out of stock, you are cordially requested to replace your chosen one with another product(s) available in our stock. Instead you may even cancel your order.
Policy Regarding Gift (Free) Item
In case you purchase a certain amount or a special package or accept a special offer of our product(s), you will occasionally be rendered some gift (free) item(s) as advertised or displayed online.

N.B.: * Gift (free) items are also subjected to stock availability. * You can have no objection or complaint regarding any gift (free) item (except you are not given the item). * You may even refuse to accept the gift (free) item if you don’t like or don’t need that.

Policy Regarding Order
Any customer has easy access to see and order in order to purchase our product(s). You are to be acknowledged that `Misti.com.bd’ is not at all a marketplace where business to business (B2B) transactions are done. Rather it is an online shopping platform for your personal purchase and consumption. Therefore, we strictly suggest and discourage not to use our shopping platform with a view to reselling and doing commercial activities.

Policy Regarding Returning or Changing Product(s)
In accordance with the business tradition in our country “A product once sold out cannot be returned.” But in case of some logical reasons or causes we change our sold out product(s) or even return money.

In Case of Changing Product(s)

You can change product(s) bought from us for any following case:

  • If there is any fault with the product;
  • If the delivered product mismatches your ordered product;
  • If there is any fault with color or size of the product;
  • If a wrong product is delivered.

To change a product follows the instructions given below:

  • Register your complain sending e-mail to [email protected] or direct phone to 01885-555442 in maximum 24 hours after receiving the product.
  • Send the photograph of the product to us (if needed).
  • To comply with your complaint our staff will contact with you over phone within 24 hours.
  • Send the original receipt (not photocopy) of your purchase to ‘Shutki.com.bd’ at your own cost in maximum 3 (three) working days.
  • After verifying your complaint, a new product will be delivered to you within 3 (three) working days at our cost.
  • If you return the product without any valid cause, the product will be resent to you at your own carrying cost.

In Case of Returning Money:

Generally no money is returned after an order is confirmed except the following cases:

  • If the product is out of stock;
  • If you cancel your order in due time;
  • If ‘Misti.com.bd’ cancels the product for some reason.

To get back your money, please read the following instructions carefully:

  • To cancel your order after paying money, direct phone to our customer care service in maximum 12 hours.
  • ‘Misti.com.bd’ has the authority to cancel an order for some unavoidable reason at any time despite your paying money and confirming the order.
  • In case of cancellation of an order or unavailability of a product, our staff will acknowledge you over phone. In such cases give us valid information regarding returning money (bKash/rocket/nogod) and your money will be sent to you in maximum 3 (three) working days.
  • Unless your cooperation regarding returning money within 7 (seven) working days), your complaint will not be accepted afterwards.