Privacy Policy confidentially collects, uses, maintains and discloses information of customers and those of users of In this regard, uses its own website i.e. website along with mobile applications such as Facebook page. This privacy policy is applicable for our website and for our all customers and users in regards to our all products and services.

Personal Identification

  • Information Regarding Our Customers:

Customers’ personal identification as well as information is collected or got in several ways. Such as when customers or users visit our website, register his or her account, make an order, send message or complain or give any feedback connecting with other activities, we get their personal identification and information.

  • Customers’ Basic Information:

Customers or users are to provide us with their name, present address, e-mail address, phone number, bKash/rocket/nogod information, etc. as per requirement. As customers or users interact through our website, we also get their information such as browser name, device type, means of connection with our site, their Internet connection details, their location, and so on.

  • Cell phone or Electric Device:

When customers or users use our website of Facebook page, we get some information regarding users’ location and mobile device especially smart phones, including a unique identifier for that device. This information may be used to provide them with location-based services like advertising, search results, and other individual contents. Most smart phones allow turning off location services in case some customer of user feel bothered.

  • E-mail Communication:

We generally get customers’ or users’ e-mail address as they order our product(s) through our website. Notifications, advertisements, different offers, general as well as special news, etc. are sent to their profile for their acknowledgement. If a user is not willing to receive any e-mail or notification from us, they can even unsubscribe.

  • Payment Oriented Information:

Customers’ or users’ all kinds of payment oriented information, transactional information, bKash/rocket/nogod information, order oriented information are safely, securely and confidentially kept and preserved for future use for both us and customers.

How & Why Users’ Information are used: keeps and preserves Users’ personal information for the following business purposes:

  • For the improvement of  Customer Service:

Your information greatly and effectively help us to render you better customer service, fulfill your requirements, make prompt delivery and to ensure your utmost satisfaction.

  • For the Development of Our Website:

Your information and feedback greatly inspire us to endeavor our best to make our website more developed and to ensure easy and comfort access for all.

  • Vigilance & Confidentiality:

All of your information and whereabouts are used only for the sake of business transactions between you and us. We always keep agile, vigilant and confidential that not a bit of your information is leaked out or used for any other reason.

  • Pledge to Protect Your information:

We pledge to protect your any information and whereabouts by all means. On our site appropriate data collection, storage, processing practices and security measures are always adopted in order to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, leak out or destruction of any of your information, username, password, transaction information and so on.

  • Our Business Communication with You:

When you contact us through or over phone or through e-mail, a business communication is set up between you and us. Thus we are given authority to communicate with you through e-mail, SMS, over phone or sending you notifications. Besides you consent to let us give you any kind of concerned news, messages, SMS, e-mail, etc.  In addition, any concerned disclosure or post on our site or sent to you complies legal obligations of communication in written.

  • Account Usage & Liability:

If you want to register your account with, you require create an account by providing with a valid Bangladeshi mobile number (your personal mobile number is preferred) and to fill in the gaps prescribed on You will also have to set your Username and a password (your own) as instructed on our website.

You are cordially instructed and requested to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of your Username and Password.  We acknowledge you that you shall be liable for all the activities occurred under your Username and you shall be under the obligation to restrict access to your computer or mobile phone or any other electric device with a view to preventing unauthorized as well as unexpected access to your account.

Please inform us in time if you face any problem or difficulty regarding your account, Username and password. Your true, valid and accurate information or complain is mostly expected.

Our website is inaccessible in case of its sole discretion deeming necessary, including but not limited to regular maintenance. However, by no means is liable for any loss or claim arising out of such inaccessibility to the users for their claims against in this regard.

Change or Alteration to Our Privacy Policy: possesses the sole authority to change or alter or modify its privacy policy at any time for any reason. However, you will get notification of any change or alteration or modification to our privacy policy as soon as it will be done. But these shall not hamper or harm to any of your personal information.

Your Compliance with Our Privacy Policy:

Before becoming a user i.e. creating an account, read our privacy policy along with terms and conditions carefully. If you do not comply with the aforesaid ones, do not be a user, please.